Get job-ready skills to enter the workforce

Certificate courses are designed to give you hands-on skills and introductory theory that will equip you to confidently seek employment in your chosen industry.


Certificate I

Certificate I courses cover base-level skills for entry into the workforce. They usually don't require you to have any prior knowledge or education and are a great place to start if you haven't studied in a while or want a basic introduction to a new field. 

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Certificate II

Certificate II courses prepare you for entry-level positions or apprenticeships in a variety of industries. As well as providing basic knowledge, a certificate II demonstrates to a potential employer that you’re actively interested in their industry.

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Certificate III

With a relevant certificate III course you’ll develop skills, theoretical knowledge and problem-solving abilities. This level of qualification is ideal for those wanting to gain a trade, change careers or move out of entry-level roles.

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Certificate IV

Designed for supervisory and management positions, certificate IV courses typically interest those who want to advance their careers in the industry they already work in, or further develop skills and knowledge acquired through previous study.

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Upgrade your skills and enhance your career

Diploma level courses are more in depth and are perfect if you want to advance your career, build on your existing skills, or prepare for university study. 



Diploma courses develop broad and in-depth skills in professional, technical or creative fields. Skills taught include planning, development and management.

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Advanced diplomas

Students completing an advanced diploma will develop high-level practical and professional skills. With full-time courses typically taking two or three years, an advanced diploma is ideal for ambitious professionals wanting to fast-track their career. 

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Aim higher with a hands-on degree

In addition to offering our own specialist degrees, TAFE Queensland has partnered with some of Australia's most established and respected universities to deliver a variety of world-class degrees in a practical, job-focused training environment.


Associate degrees

Associate degree students will develop a broad range of high-level practical and professional skills. You will be able to work autonomously, provide specialist advice and functions, and have well developed judgment.

You will be able to apply initiative and judgement in planning, problem solving and decision making in paraprofessional practice.

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Bachelor degrees

Bachelor degree students will gain the skills and knowledge needed for many professional, high-level or management jobs. You will be able to work autonomously, provide specialist advice and functions, and have well developed judgement and problem solving abilities.

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Trade qualifications

Take control of your future with certified trade training

A TAFE Queensland trade qualification will set you up for life with the hands-on skills and experience you need to carve out a future as a tradesperson. We offer full trade qualifications as well as licence training requirements and skill sets to keep you up-to-date and on top of your industry, no matter which stage of your career you're in.


Pre-apprenticeship courses

Pre-apprenticeships are a great way to improve your prospects of gaining an apprenticeship, develop practical skills in your trade, and gain credit towards a full apprenticeship. You will also gain QCE points if you're still at school. Unlike an apprenticeship, you don't need an employer to undertake a pre-apprenticeship qualification.

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Earn while you learn by undertaking an apprenticeship with TAFE Queensland. Completing an apprenticeship is essential if you want to become a qualified tradesperson.

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Much like apprenticeships, traineeships give you the opportunity to combine training with a paying job. Trainees are trained in vocational areas such as early childhood education and care, or business.

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Post-trade training

Post-trade training is great if you want to specialise, gain a specific trade licence, gain credit towards university, or expand your horizons after completing an apprenticeship.

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Double and dual qualifications

Double your career prospects with a double or dual award

Save time, enhance your job prospects, and add value to your skill set with a double or dual qualification available across a range of key industry areas. 


Dual qualifications

You can enrol in two qualifications of different levels (such as a certificate and a diploma, or a diploma and a degree) and gain two qualifications at the same time. This is called a dual award. In most cases, you will only need to complete a few additional units to qualify for the second award. 

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Double qualifications

Double qualifications are two courses of the same level (such as two certificates, or two diplomas) that give you a broader range of skills than if you chose to study a single qualification on its own. Similar to dual awards, you may be able to transfer credits from one qualification to the other, saving you time and money. 

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